Niños The Afro-Ecuadorians © Susanne Stahl

The Afro-Ecuadorians

The presence of black people in Ecuador dates back more than 400 years, originally brought from countries on the West Coast of Africa including Angola, Nigeria, The Congo and New Guinea.

The growth of the African population began at the start of the 16th century. The first Spanish records left little or almost no information or records confirming the expansion of this ethnic group in Ecuador. The few records which do exist are non-scientific and unverified.

In the Republican period and with the completion of the Guayaquil-Quito railway, another group arrived from the Colonial church of Jamaica.

Source: Elizabeth Falconí and José Ochoa

Fundamental characteristics of Afro-Ecuadorians
  • A sense of happiness, a celebration of life and patient rhythm.
  • A respect for the elderly and recognition of authority and leadership within their communities
  • Significance of the extended family
  • A sense of community spirit
  • A strong commitment to profanity and religion
  • A strong sense the of value of inheritance, sharing experiences with others and continuing the family lineage
  • A sense of friendship among extended family which stimulates co-operation, open communication and hospitality..

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