Ritual Tsáchila © Marcelo Arteaga

The Tsáchilas

The Tsáchilas are located in the south west of the Pichincha Province in the central part: a region known as Santo Domingo. This zone is characterised by fertile soil, abundant vegetation, varied wildlife and a subtropical climate. The current population of this group is approx. 2,000, distributed through the following communities of Chiguilpe, Congoma, Peripa, Poste, Bua, Otongo, Mapali, Taguaza and Naranjo Pupusa.

The Tsáchilas have suffered a number of changes in their traditional life, due to the appropriation of land during colonization which affected the organisation of their village, breaking the geographical unity of their land. Since 1971, they have created the Government of the Colorados. This political system has altered the hierarchical order, the prestige of the community and traditional authority.

Nowadays, the Tsáchilas are heavily involved in the commercial production of livestock, bananas, tropical fruits and the commercial development of traditional medicines. These people are now considered a popular tourist attraction amongst Ecuadorians and tourists alike, which they are using to their benefit.