To lead the social and conservation development of the environment in Ecuador, by stimulating people and environment-friendly activities. We will achieve this through the implementation of social, health, education and conservation projects and by supporting the development of responsible economic activities such as ecotourism, agriculture and other small business opportunities. At the same time, at a political level we will work towards achieving more responsible policy making in these areas.

To defend the interests of our indigenous communities through their active participation in the political decisions which affect their lives in terms of conservation and development within their communities.

To promote social inclusion, environmental awareness and the development of Ecuador with the active participation of communities, Government, private business and Non-Governmental Organisations.


To be the most prestigious, representative and influential non-governmental organisation in Ecuador practicing conservation and development. To be committed to the protection of the environment and to encourage the implementation of responsible business activities in Ecuador, through the promotion of our activities at a national and international level and by carrying out projects throughout our national territory with ethical practice, joint participation, professionalism a commitment to delivering quality in everything we do.


Strictness with the following principals: honesty, equality, joint participation, responsibility, humility, commitment, unity and respect.