To stimulate and execute conservation, education, health and small business projects in areas of Ecuador that do not have the means of support necessary for the sustainable development of their communities.

To build management capacity within VERDE MILENIO in order to attract economic and technological resources, to develop awareness, experience and influential relationships to strengthen the image of the organisation and its management at a national and international level.

To increase representation at a national level with voice and vote in important decisions which affect our projects, programmes and areas of work.

Form strategic alliances with other organisations, businesses, local communities and individuals and strengthen direct communication to achieve work teams committed to conservation and sustainable development.

Strengthen the promotion of VERDE MILENIO and its programmes at a national and international level.

Build capacity by delivering vocational training to its members, to members of local communities, organisations and institutions.

Position and integrate the work of the Foundation within the objectives of local communities, State Institutions, non-governmental organisations and the private sector.