Bosque de The Chocó © Marcelo Arteaga

"Those who do not want to understand the rules of the natural environment are not only foolish but deny their own kind…that is the clearest symbol of nature "


Within this programme, we will focus on two main areas or work: environmental education and research. We believe that it is a basic right of all communities to posses a healthy environment that allows their development and supports the growth of future generations.

VERDE MILENIO will create environmental education projects to develop an awareness of the value of natural resources available and to protect and conserve the variety of species living in natural areas. We will support the collection and improvement of environmental information in order to better understand and develop positive relationships between the natural environment and the people who live and work in these communities. This will ensure that our projects are effective and sustainable.

To this end we have created jointly with these communities various projects that can be implemented within their local area depending on the situation and priority.

The most important projects we have are:

  • Reforestation activities
  • Sustainable management of forests
  • Biological Inventories
  • Ecological evaluations
  • Classification of Flora and Fauna
  • New applications of existing resources eg Making jam from exotic fruits
  • Veterinary control –animal health
  • Animal rescue of native animals