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"The right to think is for me, free and sacred. Education is fundamental to social harmony. It is the base from which freedom and greatness comes for the nations"
Benito Juárez


For VERDE MILENIO, our education project is the basis of all our work with communities. Through the provision of education communities will develop and achieve their aspirations.

They say that teaching is the most noble of professions if we can call it a profession. It is an art, which requires not only academic achievement but infinite love and patience. If a person has a good education, he or she will understand their responsibility and relations with everything else in the world: money, property, other people and the natural environment.

The aim of our education project is fundamentally to help people realise their ambitions whilst at the same time help them develop an appreciation of the natural environment in a way which supports sustainable use without exploitation.

Within our education project we have the following activities:

  • Development of literacy and numeracy
  • Environmental education
  • Development of appropriate teaching materials
  • Basic hotel management and tourism training
  • Language training
  • Nursery education