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"Journeys serve to develop an understanding of different cultures of different nations and to take away the prejudice of thinking that only in your homeland can you live in the way that you are accustomed"


The VERDE MILENIO team is multidisciplinary and has extensive experience of the development of rural tourism which will be invaluable in the successful development of this project.

In Ecuador, we have incredible and diverse ecological regions, ideal for the development of ecotourism projects which can provide valuable income to rural villages, together with further business and employment opportunities for the local communities and valuable resources for the conservation of their inherited nature.

Ecotourism is an economic activity particularly supportive of the sustainable development of remote, rural areas with limited alternative economic opportunities. The Foundation together with the local communities will aim to create programmes involving the sustainable and responsible use of natural resources while at the same time, conserving their ancient culture.

One of the mechanisms to integrate the communities into the project has been through the training of its members, in activities related to tourism such a guiding, hotel management, cookery and administration. The current area of operation is in the Ecuadorian Chocó which is in Esmeraldas Province in the Cotacachi-Cayapas Reserve.

Through ecotourism, the Foundation seeks to launch programmes of high quality suitable for international markets.

San Miguel

San Miguel

The tourist area of San Miguel includes the communities of Calla Mansa, Loma Linda and the Afroecuadorian community of San Miguel. These communities are located on the banks of the Cayapas... read more.
PLaya de Oro

Playa de Oro

Playa de Oro is an Afroecuadorian community found near the Santiago river, made up of 50 families of which the majority are dedicated to agriculture, hunting, fishing and the extraction and sale of wood... read more.